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Welcome weary traveler, you've managed to find Sayokyoku, an mp3 rotation site where all your dreams come true......

Naw... I kid... that's never gonna happen. But while you grieve, why not take a gander at my little corner of the web? Expect the unexpected my friends, for many artists you've probably never heard of lurk beyond the shadows of all this CSS. But don't fret! Remember, different doesn't always mean bad. =]

If you feel like tickling my fancy, don't forget to post your thoughts on the tag-board or guestbook. ^^

I suggest your computer have some sort of foreign language support. Because really... who wants to see ugly unreadable squiggly characters when you can see pretty unreadable squiggly characters? Last time I checked, standard Korean and Japanese will suffice. Coptic and Ancient Egyptian is a bonus. ;]

Texture from Lovely album cover art from 12songs about you (can be found on Pastel Music). Navigation are those box thingies to the left, and I think it's safe to say you should view this place in IE or Firefox, because I haven't checked it on Opera yet. >_>

Below was the previous layout, Silhouettes dans le Noir, just because I loved it so much. xD

A leecher's haven since October 14, 2003

120110 → Winter cleaning

  • So I decided to do a little overhaul of the links section. Links that are inactive or broken have been removed and link exchanges have been updated with buttons. It looks a lot cleaner no? So if I have wrongfully removed you from the link exchanges feel free to e-mail me.

    112910 → New rotation in the same year? Whaaaa?
  • Woo! Only two months later! xD Enjoy all!

    091210 → New rotation! Finally!
  • Four months later. xD Better late than never I suppose. I feel like this rotation could've been better, but lately I've been in a bit of a music slump. :/ Hopefully I'll pull out of it and the next rotation will be even cooler!

    062510 → Starstruck in San Francisco
  • Today some girl friends and I decided to take a trip to the city and you'll never guess who we ran into! MILES KANE of THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS!!!! No joke, can you believe it?! A guy like him just walking around SF like a normal guy, and out of all the normal guys we could've run into, we run into the most talented (and *cough*handsome*cough*) Brit to ever grace our unworthy presence. Goodness, just remembering how much of a sweetheart he was makes me all giddy inside. I bumbled and stammered like an idiot when he talked to us and practically DIED when he shook my hand. Why I didn't ask for a hug is beyond me. -_-" I think he said he was in SF for about 10 days recording a studio album or something. Anyway, here's a thumbnail of his autograph:
    xD A little more backstory: when I saw him crossing the street I was too hesitant and shy to yell his name so my friend (who had no idea who he was until I told her his name xD) screamed, "MILES KANE!!!! HEY!" and scared the poor guy out of his wits. xD What an adorable man. As soon as I approached him he laughed and said, "Ay you fookin' scared me" all dimply and cute like. *sigh* I think I can die happy now.

    060810 → Summer Rotation
  • I guess the new commenting system solved itself. But it's all ugly and booooring. I'll try my best to fix it up as it was under Haloscan. In the meantime, new rotation! :D

    020310 → Farewell Haloscan + New Rotation
  • I just received an e-mail from Haloscan saying that they plan to shut down their services. T_T Oh say it ain't so. But I guess tragedy is a good catalyst. I plan on putting up a couple of new songs, more list like than review. Sorry for the death and all, but I'll try my best to keep this place from rotting. :3

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